Daluge Farm


Daluge Farm Inc. is a 5th generation dairy farm located in Janesville, WI. Erin Grawe and Megan Daluge farm alongside their father Peter Daluge where we milk 140 cows on 170 acres. They offer an up close experience on a modern dairy farm. 

Farm Tour

Capture the every day farm chores using all 5 senses! Look around to see cows of all sizes, get your hands dirty examining different ingredients in the cows feed, take in the farm fresh air as you enjoy a tasty dairy treat! Hear the tractors roar and the cows snore! 

Our Mission

Daluge Farm Inc. thrives to nourish our cows providing quality milk for you. We are passionate farmers sharing our story as an authentic resource for you. As a family we aspire to continue our livelihood by dairying to dream!